Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Haz-Mat Awareness

This video shows a horrific accident in what appears to be a rural area. The Police officer obviously doesn't see whats going on and it costs him his life. I think the fire department makes some pretty great moves to get the victims out of the environment, and having been around an ammonia leak, I'm sure they were taking a beating in their gear. How would you react as the first in engine crew here? What resources do you need, and more importantly where would you get them from? This video just makes you think about how we respond each day and we never may know what's waiting for us when we get there.  Until the next time folks......


  1. I think the fd were foolish in their actions. I think they should of had more situational awareness. Two people down in the middle of a road and one being a cop should raise a flag especially with a over turned tanker that was still off gasing. It was obvious they did not know what was coming from the tank and with that being said, that means they had no idea if It was water reactive or not. Luckily it did work out but it could of had bad repercussions

  2. Unfortunately we don't know what the background information they were given was. I think from looking at the wreck they figured out it was an Ammonia tank but it doesn't look like they got that right off the bat. Very bad day, and you're right it could have been worse.