Friday, March 30, 2012

Dearborn, Mi Close Call

As many of you have may seen on Statter 911, there was a close call for some firefighters in Dearborn, Michigan while operating at a fire in a cleaning facility.  The firefighters were ventilating the roof, when the roof collapsed, nearly taking two of them with it.  The roof covering appears to have help enough weight to prevent the guys from taking a fall and the Captain recognized what was happening just in time to make his way to safety to help his "guys".

This video shows me that as an officer, we need to stand back and not be involved in the cutting, not only because of safety in incidents like this, but also so that I can communicate with command and other units on the fireground.  An officer should be watching the big picture and it appears this one was.  Now, that same officer should go back to the firehouse and put on a helmet chinstrap training evolution since neither guy was wearing his chinstrap.  Wear your helmet, wear your hood, we never think it could happen to us, but it can.  I'm sure both of them would have needed that helmet and the one would have needed his hood had they actually fallen.

Be safe out there.


  1. These guys are so lucky! You are right, we get too comfortable with everyday ops and training and think less of the small things such as chin straps. I am spreading this to all my firefighters!

  2. Thanks for reading and don't miss the big message, that the officer should be disengaged while the roof is being cut. Stay safe out there.