Saturday, July 23, 2011

The First Post

Well, I guess like every other member of my generation I am slowly falling victim to the internet trap called a blog.......I started this blog to add another resource to the many that are already out there for the fire service.  My focus will start on health, wellness, and safety all passions of mine when it comes to our job.  I feel like these topics cause more problems and arguments with many in our profession than they truly should.  We all want to be aggressive firefighters, but we can't do it the way they used to in the old days.  Many fail to realize this and attempt to teach the young firefighters how they need to do it.....

Now don't jump on me about not liking fire service tradition, because I am a true believer in that, but let's keep the traditions that are positive around.  Let's leave behind the carcinogen covered gear and helmets that scream "Look at me I stand up when its way too hot" and "I think I'm a bad ass because my gear hasn't been washed since I got it".  Let's leave behind the "We don't need physicals" and the "Who needs to work out?" and bring with us the selfless nature of the true firefighter.  The bravery and the respect for the profession, the public, and the firefighters that got us where we are today.  we should continue the "ball busting", the "probie period", and the continuous rounds of practical jokes.  We can't ever forget that our job is fun, that's why we do it.  If we can just begin to change our culture when it comes to safety we will move forward everyday.

You say safety and most firefighters immediately use some derogatory words soon after.  Yeah, safety can interfere with what we want to do, but doesn't that word get us home to the people that matter to us?  Safety doesn't mean standing outside of fires, or wearing a complete body reflective suit, it means making calculated risks and operating properly and consciously on emergency scenes.  Many take safety too far and handcuff guys and girls on scenes to the point where they can't act as firefighters should.  The right blend of aggressiveness and safety saves victims of emergencies and gets us all home the next day.

Well, that's my first stab at it, hopefully it won't be my last..........Stay safe and stay trained.


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