Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Follow Up to the Computer Critic Post

I was looking through the posts on the fire that I posted about here :Behind the Computer Critic.  I found a few comments that are great including one from a firefighter who WAS there and knows all of the information.  It reads as Follows:  "I just want to say I stand by my decision to make a rescue. I pulled a line and had no thought other than to do that. The police officer did a great job allowing me the time to go back in and search for victims. But thank you for all the great Monday morning quarterbacking of a tough situation. When making all these comments please remind yourself that some who was there is reading."  This quote is in the facebook quote section on Statter's site.  Find it Here: CA Fire  Just goes to show you, someone reading was there and was doin' it and we don't know.

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