Tuesday, May 29, 2012


During the past week I have been busy, if you couldn't tell.  I still wanted to get out some information on my trip to Atlanta and how great it was.  At FDIC this year, I was able to meet the leadership of the MAFFC conference.  After speaking to one of them for a few hours, I could tell they got "it".  This group wanted to bring an affordable, beneficial training conference south so that everyone could benefit.  Some conferences are quite expensive and MAFFC is not one of those.  MAFFC core principles are informative training, positive networking, and fellowship. 

The conference for me started off with a class on the "Coordinated Fireground" class.  This class was taught by numerous instructors from all over and they addressed many of the basics that we as firefighters fumble around with at too many fires.  The stations were ladder throws, VES, Hoseline advancement, and forcible entry.  These stations were quick, thought provoking, and informative. 

I took the afternoon off and spent time with family which, as always was great.  I began Saturday morning with the "Advanced Engine Company Operations" class which allowed me to learn some new techniques for advancing 2.5 as well as 1.75 inch hose.  I had seen many of them on you tube and other places but this class let me practice them.  The instructor utilized the two man, back to back techique as I would call it.   Here are some of the techniques we worked with.  The below video is from http://nozzleforward.blogspot.com/.

Saturday afternoon, I took "TIC Operations" which covered many great aspects of the TIC and its operations.  This class was incredible, and was very thought provoking.  It provided many training ideas, class ideas, and dispelled many of the things people or salesmen may tell you about a TIC.  TIC's often look great in a conference room, but only a few perfom well under live fire conditions.

Sunday, I finished up with a ventilation class given by PJ Norwood.  It was a very good class, and was kind of a flashback to FDIC since that is where I had met him.  Also, the program was of the same quality as any FDIC program I attended. 

In short, this conference was great.  It was just what we need in the Southeast; a simple yet informative and econmically feasible conference.  The lead group of MAFFC has big plans for it in the future, and they should.  I would like to thank the sponsors of the event including the IAFF for their generousity that allowed the conference to keep costs low, and quality of instruction high.  Also, I would like to thank the MAFFC board for what they did.  It is only three years old, but this conference is growing every year.  Lastly, I would like to thank Atlanta for the additional traffic that I got to encounter while roaming the 285 corridor.  Wow glad I don't live there.

Make plans to attend MAFFC next year May 17-19 2013.  You can visit the website www.maffc.org or follow them on facebook.

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