Friday, April 27, 2012

My First Published Article

Well, I know its no fire engineering, but the Carolina Fire Rescue Journal is a journal that is distributed to every firehouse in North and South Carolina.  The spring edition came out today and I was fortunate enough for them to have published my article that I submitted.  This is the first article I have had published in my career so I'm very excited about it.  Hopefully, it isn't the last.

Please enjoy the article, it appears on page 60.  Visit it here.

As always thanks for the support.


  1. A published, printed author. Great article. It may not be FE, but it's a big deal here in the least I think so. You SHOULD be excited. Keep it up!


  2. good article. I keep up with you and some other publications remind us of what our jobs are. It is good to hear that you and others preach getting off our butts and by ready for our next job, whatever it may be, or the challenge it may present us. BTW...not being critical, but did you mean FAST Team?

  3. Nope FART Firefighter Assistance and Rescue Team....Little humor or apparently a failed attempt at humor